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Characters Unlimited, Inc.

709 Foothill Court
Boulder City, NV 89005

PHONE (702) 294-0563


FAX (702) 294-2387


Gabby 10% Off

We have hundreds of characters for you to choose from, including animated or static
people, birds, animals, monsters, etc.


Our Characters Come in Many Themes!
Click here to see Videos of our Characters!

Character's Unlimited, Inc. has lots of men characters for you to choose from, including animated or static, sitting or standing. Custom work is also available.

Character's Unlimited, Inc.'s life size, mechanically animated, talking characters have voice-activated jaws. Use your own recorded message or carry on a candid conversation with customers or guests using a wireless microphone. Movements such as eye, head, arm and breathing may also be added.

Character's Unlimited, Inc. has a large selection from which to choose. If you don't see what you are looking for here, simply click on Free Catalog and one will be sent to you.


Man Gangster With Gun
Man dressed as gangster with gun

Man Powder Monkey
Man dressed as powder monkey

Man Still Tender
Man dressed as still tender

Men Gangsters
Man dressed as gangsters

Man Western Musician
Man playing guitar

Man at Soda Fountain
Man at soda fountain

Man in Jailhouse
Man in jailhouse

Man Fur Trapper
Man dressed as fur trapper

Man Mine Watcher
Man dressed as mine watcher

Man on Bridge
Man on bridge

Man in Jail
Man in jail

Man Carnivale
Man dressed for Carnivale

Man Red King
Man dressed as red king

Man White King
Man dressed as white king

Man Powder Monkey
Man dressed as powder monkey

Man High Scaler
Man dressed as high scaler

Man In Outhouse
Man in outhouse sitting

Man Behind Bars
Man standing behind jail bars

Man Selling Shoes
Man selling shoes in store

Man Sitting Native American
Man dressed as Native American

Man in Robe
Man dressed in robe with beard

Man With Eyes Closed
Man dressed fancy with eyes closed

Man Dressed In 1700's
Man dressed in 1700's

Man Gold Penner
Man panning for gold

Man in Prayer
Man dressed as in prayer

Man Pirate Ghoul
Man dressed as pirate ghoul

Man Gangster
Man dressed as gangster

Man Gangster With Gun
Man dressed as gangster with gun

Man With Baseball Glove
Man dressed as baseballer

Man With Baseball Bat
Man dressed as baseballer

Man With Basketball
Man with basketball

Man With Beer
Man holding bottle of beer

Man in Island Gear
Man dressed as islander

Man in Buckskins
Man dressed in buckskins

Man in Leather
Man dressed in leather

Man in Fancy Duds
Man dressed in fancy western clothes

Man in Civil War Uniform
Man dressed as Civil War soldier

Man in Stocking Hat
Man dressed in stocking hat

Man in Trench Coat
Man dressed in black trench coat

Man in Black Suit
Man dressed in black suit

Man Reading in Chair
Man reading in chair

Man With Chef Hat
Man dressed in chef's hat

Man With Chef Scarf
Man dressed in chef's scarf

Man in Long Coat
Man dressed in long coat

Man With Pirate Hook
Man dressed as pirate with hook

Man With Uniform
Man dressed as police man

Man With Guitar
Man dressed as western musician

Man as Sheriff's
Man dressed as sheriff

Man With Construction Hat
Man dressed as construction worker

Man With Rope
Man hanging from rope

Man in Blue Hardhat
Man dressed as blue collar worker

Man With Lasso
Man dressed as lassoer

Man in Cowboy Hat
Man dressed as cowboy

Man in White Coat
Man dressed in white coat

Man Singing in Jail
Man singing in jail

Man With Electric Chair
Man dressed as prisoner

Man With Sheriff's Star
Man dressed as sheriff

Man With Santa Hat
Man dressed in holiday clothes

Man in Overalls
Man dressed in overalls

Man With Pitchfork
Man holding pirchfork

Man With Fire Gear
Man dressed as firefighter

Man With Trench Coat
Man dressed in gray trenchcoat

Man With Football Gear
Man dressed as footballer

Man in Warm Coat
Man dressed in warm coat

Men With Straw Hats
Men dressed in straw hats

Man In Indian Headdress
Man dressed in indian headdress

Man in Leather Jacket
Man dressed in leather jacket

Man in Hockey Mask
Man dressed in hockey mask

Man in Irish Clothes
Man dressed as Irishman

Man in Irish Clothes
Man dressed as Irishman

Man in Tall Hat
Man dressed in tall Hat

Man in Rocking Chair
Man sitting in rocking chair

Man With Donation Can
Man sitting with donation can

Man With Flag
Man waving flag

Man With Hammer
Man holding hammer

Man With Gold
Man with sacks of gold and silver

Man With Bowler Hat
Man dressed in bowler hat

Man With Rain Slicker
Man dressed in rain slicker

Man Playing Piano
Man sitting at piano

Man With Cheese Head
Man dressed as cheesehead

Man Hanging on Rope
Man hanging from rope

Man With Telescope
Man holding telescope

Man With Necklace
Man dressed in necklace

Man With Parrot
Man with parrot on shoulder

Man With Pistol
Man with pistol in belt

Man With Police Hat
Man dressed in police hat

Man With Monkey
Man holding monkey

Man With Binoculars
Man holding binoculars

Man Hanging
Man hanging in chains

Waving Santa
Santa standing and waving

Man dressed as scarecrow

Man in Persian Garb
Man dressed as persian

Man With Guitar
Man dressed as musician

Man Referee
Man dressed as referee

Man With Washerboard
Man holding washerboard

Man With Gold Sack
Man holding gold sack

Man With Sheriff's Badge
Man dressed as sheriff

Man With Trench Coat
Man dressed in trench coat

Man Patriot
Man dressed patriotically

Man in Warrior Garb
Man dressed as warrior

Man in Mardi Gras Clothes
Man dressed for Mardi Gras

Man With Overalls 8' tall
Man dressed in overalls

Man With Rifle
Man holding rifle

Man in Barrel
Man in barrel

Man Fishmonger
Man dressed as fishmonger

Man With Fish
Man holding fish

Man With Boxing Gloves
Man dressed in boxing gloves

Man Western Skeleton
Man dressed as western skeleton

Man With Powder Horn
Man holding powder horn

Men in Traditional Clothes
Men dressed in traditional clothes

Man on Flightline
Man dressed for flightline

Man With Sign
Man holding sign

Man With Gold Pan
Man holding gold pan

Man With Sale Sign
Man holding sale sign

Man With Sheriff's Uniform
Man wearing sheriff's uniform

Man With Sandals
Man wearing sandals

Man Sitting
Man sitting

Man in Outhouse
Speaks when the door opens

Man with Cowboy Hat
Cowboy wearing a hat and a suit
Characters Unlimited, Inc.
709 Foothill Court, Boulder City, NV 89005
(702) 294-0563 FAX (702) 294-2387
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