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Characters Unlimited, Inc.

709 Foothill Court
Boulder City, NV 89005

PHONE (702) 294-0563


FAX (702) 294-2387


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We have hundreds of characters for you to choose from, including animated or static
people, birds, animals, monsters, etc.


Our Characters Come in Many Themes!
Click here to see Videos of our Characters!

Character's Unlimited, Inc. has lots of historical characters for you to choose from, including animated or static, sitting or standing. Custom work is also available.

Character's Unlimited, Inc.'s life size, mechanically animated, talking characters have voice-activated jaws. Use your own recorded message or carry on a candid conversation with customers or guests using a wireless microphone. Movements such as eye, head, arm and breathing may also be added.

Character's Unlimited, Inc. has a large selection from which to choose. If you don't see what you are looking for here, simply click on Free Catalog and one will be sent to you.


Historic 1700's Man
Character in 1700's clothes

Historic Powder Monkey
Powder monkey with dynamite

Historic Still Tender
Still tender with still

Historic Musician
Musician with guitar

Historic Powder Monkey
Powder monkey with dynamite

Historic High Scaler
High scaler with tools

Historic Jailer
Jailer with jail set

Historic Native American
Native American in sitting position

Historic 1700's Man
Character in 1700's clothes

Historic Gold Panner
Miner with pan

Historic Gangster Standing
Character in gangster clothing

Historic Gangster sitting
Character in gangster clothing

Historic Mountain Man
Character with mountain man clothes

Historic Rancher
Character in rancher clothing

Historic Soldier
Character in soldier clothing

Historic Oil Man
Character in oil man clothing

Historic High Scaler
Character tied to rope

Historic Blue Collar Worker
Character in blue collar clothing

Historic Deputy
Character with deputy badge

Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln

Historic Miner
Character in mining clothing

Historic Pirate Sitting
Character in pirate clothing

Historic Patriot
Character with American flag

Historic Warrior
Character in warrior clothing

Historic Trapper
Character in trapper clothing

Historic Fishmonger
Character in fishmonger clothing

Historic Mountain Man
Character in leather clothing

Historic Musician
Character with washerboard

Historic Pirate Standing
Character in pirate clothing

Historic Banker
Character in banker clothing

Historic Indian & Officer
Characters in period clothing

Historic Hunter
Character in hunting clothing

Historic Miner
Character in mine

Woman With Gray Bonnet
Woman in gray bonnet

Woman With Black Bun
Woman old fashioned with black hair

Man In Tall Hat
Man dressed in tall hat

Man With Curly Gray Beard
Man with curly gray beard and tie

Man With Aviator Goggles
Man dressed as old fashioned pilot

Man as Lawman
Man dressed as old fashioned lawman

Man WithTop Head Bare
Man dressed with beard and glasses

Man With Curly Moustache
Man w/old fashioned moustache

Man In Black Hat
Man in black hat

Man With Black Face
Man dressed as African American

Man With Safari Hat
Man dressed as on safari

Man With Top Hat
Man African American dress in top hat

Woman With Frilly Bonnet
Woman dressed in red bonnett

Man With Big Bow Tie
Man dressed in large black bow tie

Man With King Crown
Man dressed in kings crown

Man With Head Scart
Man dressed in head scarf and robe

Man With Candy Stripe Shirt
Man dressed in red and white shirt

Baseball Man
Man dressed as baseball player

Man With Golf Look
Man dressed as golfer

Woman With Flower Bonnet
Woman dressed in flower fabric

Woman With Gray Hair
Woman with gray hair

Woman With Pink Dress
Woman dressed in pink dress

Girl In Pony Tails
Girl in pony tails

Man With Red and White Shirt
Man dressed in red and white shirt

Woman With Blue Hair Ties
Woman with blue ties in blond hair

Woman With Purple Dress
Woman dressed in purple

Uncle Sam
Man dressed as Uncle Sam

Woman With Feather
Woman with feather in hair

Man With Food Service Cap
Man dressed in food service garb

Man With Closed Eyes
Man dressed formally with closed eyes

Man With White Tie
Man dressed in white tie

Man With Black Hair
Man with short black hair

Man With King's Garb
Man dressed in kings garb

Man With Bobby Hat
Man dressed like London Bobby

Man With Sea Captain Suit
Man dressed like sea captain

Man In Leather Coat
Man dressed in leather coat

Man With Professor Dress
Man dressed like a professor

Man With Long Gray Hair
Man with long gray hair

Man Dressed Up
Man dressed up

Man With Jeweled Crown
Man dressed with jeweled crown

Man With Food Service Cap
Man dressed like food server

Man With Bowler Hat
Man dressed with bowler hat

Man With Striped Suit
Man dressed in red/white stripes

Man Cowboy
Man dressed in black

Woman in Queen Garb
Woman dressed in queen clothes

Man in King Garb
Man dressed in king clothes

Man With Silver Clothes
Man dressed in silver clothes

Man in White
Man dressed all in white

Man With British Suit
Man dressed in British style

Man With Law Insignia
Man dressed in law enforcement garb

Man With Coonskin Cap
Man dressed in coonskin cap

Man With Lederhosen
Man dressed in lederhosen

Man In Purple Shirt
Man dressed in purple shirt

Woman With Head Covering
Woman dressed with head covering

Man With Scots Garb
Man dressed in plaid

Man With Feather Hat
Man dressed in feather hat

Man With String Tie
Man with black string tie

Woman With Flowered Scarf
Woman dressed in flowered scarf

Man With Orange Poncho
Man dressed in orange poncho

Man With Rustic Wear
Man dressed in rustic clothes

Man Knit Hat
Man in knit hat

Man In 1700's Dress
Man dressed in the 1700's

Man Dressed up
Man dressed up

Man With King's Robe
Man dressed in king's robe

Man With Pontiff Hat
Man dressed in pontiff hat

Man With Fur Cap
Man dressed in fur cap

Man With Horn Cap
Man with horn cap

Man With Tipped Cap
Man dresed in tipped cap

Man Dressed Up
Man dressed in suit

Man With Low Cap
Man dressed in low cap

Woman With Fancy Hat
Woman dressed in fancy hat

Man With Green Scarf
Man dressed in green scarf

Man With Gray Hat
Man dressed in gray suit with hat

Woman With Gray Hair
African American woman gray hair

Characters Unlimited, Inc.
709 Foothill Court, Boulder City, NV 89005
(702) 294-0563 FAX (702) 294-2387
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Characters Unlimited, Inc.

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